The Energy Research Partnership

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The ‘Energy Research Partnership’ was announced by the Chancellor in his March 2005 Budget Statement to bring together key funders of energy research, development, demonstration and deployment (RDD&D) in Government, industry and academia, plus other interested bodies, to provide high-level leadership for, and to enhance the coherence of, energy research and innovation activities in the UK, set within an international context.

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The ERP provides leadership to guide public and private sector activities in energy research and innovation, reflective of the UK’s broad energy portfolio, with a ‘Statement of Purpose’ covering:

  • Research and Development – targeting of UK priority technology areas; 
  • Innovation – developing partnership models to stimulate and deliver innovation;
  • Policy – providing the factual basis to inform decision making;
  • Delivery – promoting the role of social science in understanding consumer preferences for the deployment of new technologies and innovations.

Latest News

ERP report on Public Engagement published

The public will interact with the long-term transformation of the energy system at several levels: deployment of new infrastructure or technologies in the home, or changes in behaviour. While largely supportive of a sustainable energy system the public’s trust in energy companies and government to deliver it is currently low.

This report from ERP, ‘Engaging the Public in the Transformation of the Energy System’, looks at the strategic importance of engaging with the public, which is vital if the public is to be expected to engage in the transformation, both in terms of informing decision making and undertaking changes at an individual level.

More information can be found here.

Download the full report here.