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Energy Research Partnership is a research facility that provides solutions for the efficient use of energy sources and increasing the use of use of renewable energy.

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Form Of Energy Consumption

Wind Power

Wind Power is very cost effective and is a reliable source of energy. Many countries are increasing the use of wind energy to build an eco-friendly system.

Hydroelectric Energy

The hydroelectric energy can be produced only in a few places. The geographical set up of the place is very important to produce hydroelectric energy.

Solar Panel

The use of the solar panel is increasing every day. Why waste sunlight if it can be used in better ways.


Carbondioxide Released Into Atmosphere

It is a known fact that there is a drastic increase in the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Small things that we do to reduce the carbon dioxide emission like planting trees and maintain the automobile emission will result in a lot of great things in the future.

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Ways To Go Green And Save Green

you can enjoy healthy life. You will tend to avoid different practices which tend to pollute the environment. For example, you will avoid carbon dioxide release to the atmosphere among other pollutants. Some of the ways to go green and save green include the following:

Install solar panels

solar panels

Solar energy is among green energy you need to start utilizing. The solar panels come in different sizes hence you can go for a size which can easily accommodate your specific energy needs. If you live in a place where there is a lot of sunlight, then you need to invest in the solar panels. They are among the best ways you will save on your electricity bills. The energy from the sun does not expose the atmosphere to pollution.

Install LED energy saving bulbs

To reduce on the amount of energy consumed in your home, you need to go for energy efficient lighting fixtures. LED lights use the latest technology and they will save you a lot of money in the process. You need to invest in the energy saving bulbs and you will eventually reduce the amount of power consumed in your home or industrial applications.

Plant drought tolerant plants in your garden

To avoid too much energy use when trying to run irrigation systems, you need to have plants which are drought resistant. Carry out research and you will locate several native plants in your area of residence which are drought resistant. You will as well save on your water bills if you can have a garden full of drought resistant plants which tend to consume less water.

Use your bike for short commutes

Cars tend to release a lot of flue gases to the atmosphere. As a way of trying to save on the fuels cost and go green, you need to look for ways you can save money in your daily commute. Use of bicycles is energy efficient. It is also an economical way to move around because you will not have to buy fuel each time you plan to go out. Apart from using your bike, you can as well walk when necessary so that you can stay fit and save more.

Avoid bottled water and use a water purifier in your home


Bottled water is expensive. The production process also leads to consumption of energy which in some cases can contribute to air pollution. If you can install a water purification system in your home, then you can easily purify water at home and save more. It is among simple ways of going green.

Buy energy star appliances

Appliances rated energy star are efficient when it comes to power consumption. In order to save energy in your process of trying to go green, you need to invest in the energy star appliances. The labels will indicate the energy ratings; always check on them before buying the appliances.

Top 10 Ways To Save On Energy Bills

It is always an ideas of every human being to have a comfortable life. But in making life comfortable, electricity always play a vital role. But on the contrary too much electricity or energy bills is very tricky. So, there are simple ways that can help you save your energy bills without necessarily making life uncomfortable. The following are the 10 ways that will help you save your energy bills and in addition as a bonus, we recommend you compare energy prices with Utility Saving Expert:

1. Understand and improve your home’s energy use

This is one of the simplest way to save your energy bills. Carefully assess your home. This will help you identify the things that consume a lot of energy. By doing so, you might come up with possible ways of saving energy in your home.

2. Master your laundry

You can save a few bucks depending on how you wash or dry your clothes. Washing clothes in cold water is more economical compared to hot water. To add on that, selecting a short but appropriate washing cycles is also important. Instead of using clothes dryer to dry your clothes, hang them outside to dry naturally.

3. Reduce wastage in the bathroom

The time you spend in the shower can determine your energy bills. Spending a lot of time in the shower will increase your water usage. Instead, spend the shortest time possible. Instead of spending 30 minutes, just spend 10 minutes. Also, turning on a low flow showerhead will minimize water usage , less water usage means less energy bills.

4. Install a Wi-Fi -enabled thermostat

when it comes to saving energy bills, a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat is very useful. This is because you can use your smartphone to control your home temperatures at any place and in any time. So, if you are away from the home you can turn off your air conditioner and switch it on on your way back home.

5. Reduce your water heating expenses

Water heating uses a lot of energy, so, managing it or reducing it is a great idea. There are many ways of reducing water heating expenses. The first one is using less hot water. You can also insulate your water heater or choose an efficient one that will help you save more. If the water heater is old you can replace it with a new and efficient one.

6. Switch off lights and other electronics when not in use

When you go to sleep, on a vacation or even to the job switch off lights and other electrical appliances. This includes water heater , ventilation equipments and cooling units. Also turn off computers, TV and all the other electronics in your home. If you want to save more, switch off the electronics at the PowerPoint.

7. Switch to energy saving LED light globe

As the name suggests, energy saving LED light globes can save a lot of electrical bills. With this globes, you can save up to 30$ a month. Energy saving LED bulbs not only consume less power but are also long lasting. Since they are long lasting, you don’t have to replace them regularly. As you can see they are money saving too.

8. Use solar energy

This is another great way to save your monthly electricity bills. Because solar energy uses sunlight to generate power, it is more economical. Using both solar energy and electricity will help you save up to 80$ a month.

9. insulate your roof

An insulated roof will help you save in both winter and summer without necessarily using air conditioner or heating equipments. This is because it can cool your home in summer and make it make it warm in winter. The secret here is selecting a high quality insulation roof.

10. Upgrade your HVAC system

The HVAC systems consist of heating, ventilation equipments and air conditioning equipments. In cold areas, upgrading your HVAC systems with an ENERGY STAR certification can help you save a lot in your heating bills.

The above are the top 10 ways to save on energy bills. They can help you save a greater percentage of money without making you uncomfortable.

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